Prescription Medication

Medications available only by prescription

The following prescription products are available from Purdue Pharma. A web-link to the Product Monograph or Prescribing Information for each of such products is provided below. Additionally, a listing of federal public Health Advisories on drugs is maintained by Health Canada for public access. It covers a wide variety of drugs and drug products. View current information regarding prescription drugs from Health Canada.

Read about our individual prescription medications, including: 

Product Monograph/
Prescribing Information

Health Canada Endorsed Important Safety Information and Advisories     

Biphentin® pdf

pdf pdf 

BuTrans® pdf  

Codeine Contin®

(moderate to severe pain)
MS Contin® pdf
MS•IR® pdf
OxyNEO® pdf
Oxy•IR® pdf
Targin® pdf
Uniphyl® pdf
Zytram XL® pdf