Health Info

Keeping healthcare professionals informed

Purdue Pharma Canada works in partnership with key stakeholders to ensure appropriate prescribing, dispensing and use of our medicines. This includes continuing health education (CHE) for healthcare professionals.

Our educational efforts include:

  • Our Pain Management Resource Centre (PMRC), which offers an annual program independently developed and taught by doctors focusing on pain assessment, addiction and abuse, and proper prescribing of controlled substances.
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  • Distributing medical practice guidelines and screening tools that have been developed by independent experts and relevant authorities to help doctors identify people who are seeking medicines illegally.
  • Supporting activities of major professional societies at their annual conferences, including seminars, speaker presentations and satellite symposia.
  • Grants to hospitals and other organizations for grand rounds, speaker presentations and workshops at the local, provincial and national levels.

These programs help to educate thousands of healthcare professionals in Canada.

For more information please contact our CHE team at 905-420-6400.